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Demands to issue  government decision to administratively separate Mocha port 

A number of experts, economists, local authority officials, businessmen and representatives of commercial companies have demanded the government to issue a decision on separating the Mocha port’s administration from the Red Sea Ports Corporation, which they described as inactive, in a seminar organized on Oct. 17, 2021, by Studies & Economics Media Center on the reopening and development of Mocha port.
The participants have also discussed ways and means to reopen the port for its pivotal importance to Taiz governorate, the most populated and in need for such development projects at the present time.
During his opening of the seminar, the Undersecretary of Taiz, Dr. Abdul Qawi Al-Mikhlafi, stressed the importance of such seminars pushing towards reopening the port and working according to the needs and the special situation of the governorate suffering a war for eight years.
“We appreciate such efforts and look forward to decisions stemming from the strategic importance of both the port and the governorate”,added Al-Mekhlafi.
For his part, the CEO of the Studies & Economic Media Center, Mohamed Ismail, said the Center has carefully worked on a public policy paper concerned with reopening the port, which is in line with the current developments and trends aiming at improving the economic situation of the country.
“We seek to find a real partnership between the public and private sectors to revive such important strategic facilities,” added Ismail.
Dr. Mohammed Saif Qahtan, the author of the policy paper, reviewed the axes of the paper, which focused on the current construction and administrative situation of the port, the projects needed to reopen and develop it, and the challenges that stand in the way, in addition to many proposals that can be worked on to restore the port's work again.
The participants stressed the importance of forming a committee tasked with communicating with the local authority in the governorate and working on a mechanism to reopen and develop the port.

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