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Economic Media warns of wheat crises in Yemen due to Russian-Ukrainian war


Studies & Economic Media Center warned the Russian-Ukrainian war heavily impacts the prices of wheat and oil in Yemen, especially Yemen imports 30% of wheat from Russia and Ukraine, and a greater percentage of oil.


A recent report by the Studies & Economic Media Center has shown a shortage in the global supply of wheat will cause a future crisis in Yemen, not to mention its prices soaring.

The report clarified that the war will deepen the humanitarian crisis in Yemen already suffering from hunger, and that wheat prices in Yemen have initially risen by 35% since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The report drew attention that the war is still in its beginning and impacts of the current crisis are in its early stages, especially since Yemen, according to official assurances, has got wheat reserves that may cover only four months, making wheat importers look for more expensive alternative options in light of a global supply shortage.

The report added that the wheat and oil shortage is emerging in Yemen already suffering from severe food poverty. The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification indicates that 31,000 people are at risk of severe hunger (the 5th phase is in a catastrophic situation). This number is believed to be 161,000 people by June of next year. Food prices have already more than doubled in most parts of Yemen over the past year, putting 17.4 million people in need of immediate assistance, and the number is believed to be 19 million people by June until the end of the year, according to one forecast.

The report indicated that Yemen’s actual need for wheat and flour is 3.8 million tons annually, 95% of which is imported from outside Yemen.

 It is noteworthy that the Studies & Economic Media Center is a non-profit NGO working  for rehabilitation and awareness of economic issues, promoting transparency, engaging citizen in decision-making, creating professional media, empowering youth and women economically and promoting their role in peacebuilding.

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