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Economic Media Report: 25% increase in basic comm ... More

Economic Index Report: 2017, issued by SEMC, shows that Prices of basic food items were on average 25%, 50% and 72% higher than in 2016, 2015 and pre-war 2014 prices, respectively.

SEMC director, Mr. Mostafa Na

Private Sector Vision on the continuation of econ ... More

The Yemeni Private Sector (Ec

Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Priorties – Yemen ... More

Yemen is considered as the poorest country in Arab region and among the world least developed countries.  It is ranked 160th out of the 187 countries in the Human Development Index with aggregate value for the human development indicators for 2015 of about 0.498. The average GDP declined to

Economic Indicator Report- Yemen- First half of 2 ... More

Studies & Economic Media Center revealed , in its report on the economic indicators , the deterioration of the economic and humanitarian situation in Yemen during the first half of 2017, in light of the ongoing war and the lack of basic services such as electrici