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Economic indicators Report 2016 ... More

Economic indicators Report 2016

Economic Indicator Report - November - 2016 ... More

The non-delivery of the salaries of state's employees worsened the economic and humanitarian situation in Yemen. Since nearly four months, about 1.25 million employees feeding nearly 7 million people, including 3.3 million children, have been waiting their sa

Yemeni Economic Indicator Report - October 2016 ... More

This report, which targets six Yemeni provinces -Sana'a, Taiz, Aden, Hodeida, Mareb and Hadramout- summarizes the political, security, economic, humanitarian and health situation. It also deals with basic services as the prices of basic commodities and basic services availability such as water, el

Economic Indicator Report - September 2016 ... More

The economic, health and humanitarian situation in Yemen has been deteriorating and getting worse day after day for nearly two years of armed conflict. September witnessed an average rise of 4% in the prices of basic commodities, which constitutes a burden on citizens who particularly lives deterio