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Aden Refinery Company prepares to supply the market with oxygen

The Director of Energy Management in Aden refinery, Engineer Abdul-Kader Mansour said they are preparing to re-operate the oxygen gas factory after a 16-year stop. "The re-run of the factory comes after fixing the fault affected it during the past period," added Mansour.

"The factory will be experimentally operated in the coming days to produce oxygen gas for the use of the refinery, the refinery's Hospital and also for selling to the local market," Mansour stated to the Information Office of the refinery.

Since a period of time, Aden Refinery remains stopped of refining the crude because the refinery leadership, union workers and company's employees sharply disagreed with the head of the local authority, the Governor of Aden, Aidroos Zubaidi and the director of the oil company, resulting in changing the director of the oil company Adbu Assalam al-Hameed, who is a close relative of the Aden's governor, and resuming the work.

Meanwhile, The engineer Mansour confirmed the refinery is ready to begin the process of refining the crude and any quantity in the coming period. Additionally, news sites has circulated that power station of the refinery has been stopped due to acts of sabotage carried out by the refinery company's staff, which was denied by the engineer Mansour who said, "the power station of the refinery during the past period was temporarily stopped for maintenance and some repairs."

He said that the power station is ready for operating, but has not been run because the daily operating cost is very high and considered at the moment as a resources consumption, particularly with the stop of all production units of the refinery.

Mansour said there were ongoing consultations between the refinery and the Chinese company that was updating the power station, but were stopped because of the war and waiting the return of the expert group to resume the updating process of the refinery.

The refinery company owns a power plant with a generator generating 7.5 MW , which has been repaired and prepared to begin the process of refining any crude to be received by the refinery, and also has a diesel-powered station generating 3.5 MW. It is worth to mention that the electro-thermal station of the refinery has been operating since 1954.

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