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Mareb: Consultative meeting on Holding a Conference to Attract Yemeni and Foreign Capital

A consultative economic meeting held in Mareb called for holding a promotional investment  conference to attract foreign investors and Yemeni migrant capital. The meeting brought together representatives of the local authorities, the private sector, and civil society organizations. The event was mutually organized by the Economic Reform Team, and Studies and Economic Media Center, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mareb.

Under the theme, "Towards an Economic Vision for Mareb Govrnorate," the event highlighted the urgency of formulating an economic vision for the governorate based on the proactive engagement of government agencies, the private sector, and civil society organizations.

Issues of boosting reconstruction in war-ravaged areas, and improving the infrastructure and institutional build in the governorate were underscored.

"The Vision for Non-Interruption of Economic Activity and Reconstruction," introduced by the Economic Reforms Team, was reviewed during the Consultation. The said vision was formulated following a series of discussions with private sector leaders in five governorates (namely, Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Hodeida, and Hadhramout), in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in those governorates and the Yemeni Business Club.

Presented by economist M. Al-Juma'i, the vision, discusses the potential roles to be played by the various actors in facilitating a smooth economic activity and reconstruction in the context of continued war and strife for years  to come or where a peaceful settlement is reached, along with a matrix of programs and policies for the current situation.

In his opening address, the Deputy-governor of Marib, Dr. Abd Rabo Meftah, underscored the importance of the consultation and the necessity of engaging government actors, the private sector and civil society organizations and developing partnerships among the different actors in a way that serves public interests, as well as the economic and social development in the governorate. He drew attention to the fact that Mareb was undergoing a major transformation in economic and commercial activities. On a parallel scale, the governorate underwent concomitant obstacles, facing major infrastructure challenges and experiencing difficulties in providing public services as large waves of displaced persons flood the governorate in search of security, stability and basic services.

The Deputy-governor called for cooperation and solidarity to face those challenges, especially with regard to basic services such as health care, education, water, relief materials…, which are beyond the capacity of the local authorities, despite the efforts exerted in addressing those issues. He also stressed the role of the private sector and civil society organizations at this stage in alleviating citizens' suffering and exercising their role in watching and controlling unlawful escalation of prices and market irregularities and fluctuations.  

Moreover,  the Deputy-governor revealed that Governor, Major General Sultan Al-Arada has set up and commissioned a team to prepare an economic vision for the governorate and another team for urban planning. Both tasks are currently underway. Results of the work of both teams are expected to come out soon. The Deputy Governor concluded hoping that this foundational consultation would come out with conclusions and recommendations that should help formulate the vision.

 On his part, Chairman of the Mareb Chamber of Commerce, Mohamed Ahmed Al-Kharraz stated, "In its steady move to make up for the years of deprivation and neglect,  the governorate, is in dire need of such consultations and conferences.  Capitalizing on the strong will of the local authorities, and in cooperation with partners from the private sector and civil society organizations, the various actors shall boost such efforts, and come together to address crucial issues and come out with visions that serve present needs and look forward to the future."  Al-Karraz stressed the responsibilities to be shouldered by the various actors in boosting economic stature and improving the services, especially as Mareb turned out to be a favorite destination of all Yemenis as it became increasingly a model of stability in security and development, urging that such model had to be maintained and strengthened. Al-Kharraz pointed out that despite the losses it suffered during the past years as a result of the war, the private sector proved resilient in overcoming those challenges, and succeeded in providing goods despite difficulties, in addition to taking part in relief and humanitarian work. The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce pointed out that the consultation was an initial step that should pave the way for similar activities in the future to formulate an economic vision in which the private sector should be a key partner. He also recommended that a team should be set up and tasked with preparing for future activities over the next few days.  Mohammed Al Huraibi, SEMC’s local coordinator said at the opening “this is considered the  first  such meeting  in Marib , it inaugurate for a series of discussion panels in order to develop  an economic Vision for Mareb Govrnorate  “ Al-Huraibi pointed to the importance of the  meeting in enriching the The Vision for Non-Interruption of Economic Activity and Reconstruction which was developed after a series consultative meeting in many Yemeni governorates.

The Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC) is one of the most prominent Yemeni NGOs that works on , and spreads  awareness of economic issues, in addition to buttressing good governance and public engagement in decision making, and working towards the creation of professional media

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