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SEMC: Continuing war in Yemen is real famine

Today, Thursday, July 28, Studies & Economic Media Center (SEMC) released a report warning of the continuation of the military conflict in Yemen, and of creating side economic battles that worsen the living conditions of people who pay the price of conflict. The Center stressed that the continuation of the conflict in its current form leads the country to a famine through limiting the alternative sources of income, striking social support networks, and defending the financial corruption.
The report, "Similar situation and different prices ... between Sana’a and Aden," has disclosed the size of the gap between the exchange rate of the riyal against the US dollar and the prices of basic commodities in the Houthi-controlled areas, and its reflection on the purchasing and living capacity of people. The budget deficit rate of one household in the Houthi-controlled areas reached 85%, compared to 2% in government-controlled areas, where government sector salaries are paid regularly.
The report has also revealed that the price difference between the Houthi areas and the Yemeni government’s areas amounts to $21.8, for the monthly basic food basket, as the household in Sana’a needs $106.2 per month, while a similar household in Aden needs $84.4.
Studies & Economic Media Center is a non-profit civil society organization working for training and awareness of economic issues, promoting transparency and citizen participation in decision-making, creating professional media, empowering young men and women economically and promoting their role in building peace.

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