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Important Economic News 12.12.2016

After stopping working with the official budget since two years , the legitimate government headed by Dr. Ahmed bin Daghr forms a committee for the public budgets of the fiscal year 2017 .


Prime minister Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghr forms a government committee to study the propositions of establishing an air transport company based on the request of the private sectors , also to study the citizen complaints about the high price of Yemenia airline tickets . Yemenia is the sole airline transporter form/to Yemen .

Bin Daghr also ordered the committee to study the possibility of expansion Yemenia airline future activities and to develop relationship between the company and the private sector .


KSRelief donates 5 million dollars to the Yemen Humanitarian Pooled Fund, managed by UNOCHA


The president of the Supreme Political Council, formed by Houthi and Saleh, meets the representatives of banking sector and discuss the axes on what they will work to address the liquidity problems, supporting Battlefronts and promoting awareness of banking's culture.

The meeting were attended by the deputy of the president of the Supreme Political Council, Prime Minister, Minister of finance and The acting head of the National Security.

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