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Seminar in Marib: Demands to Enforce Emergency Law to Address High Rents

The participants in a seminar held on Monday 13, 2022, in Ma’rib governorate, to discuss “the problem of high rents and real estate prices” demanded to make more residential areas outside the main city and to overcome difficulties for investors. They also demanded to activate the real estate committee formed in the governorate in 2018 and to invoke the emergency law to solve the problem of high rents in Marib.

The seminar, organized by Studies & Economic Media Center in cooperation with the State Lands and Real Estate Office in Ma’rib Governorate and the Economic Reforms Team, and attended by representatives of the local authority in the governorate and a number of businessmen, specialists, office managers and relevant authorities in the governorate, aimed to discuss and enrich the policy paper on addressing the problem of high rents and prices of Real estate in Ma'rib governorate.

At the opening of the Seminar, Muhammad Al-Harazi, director of the local administration in the governorate, said that the problem of rents in Marib is complex and requires a decisive decision from the local authority and the enforcement of the emergency law in line with the conditions the governorate has been going through.


Al-Harazi stressed the importance of activating the committee formed in the governorate to follow up and find solutions to the rent problem, as well as holding seminars and conducting studies to find visions and suggestions for solutions that might contribute to overcoming the problem.

For his part, the Director of the State Lands and Real Estate Office, Abdullah Annan, praised the efforts made in the paper, praising the efforts of Studies & Economic Media Center in organizing such events that contribute significantly to developing solutions to the most important problems that plague the private sector and citizens in the governorate.

Annan called on the participants to make efforts and enrich the paper and come up with recommendations and possible solutions that would contribute to enriching this paper, thus contributing to enhancing the stability of the citizen and the private sector in Ma'rib Governorate.

For his part, the coordinator of Studies & Economic Media Center, Mohammed Hafeez, said that this seminar is part of the Center's efforts to find solutions to the real estate problem in Ma'rib Governorate, as it is one of the most important problems that negatively affect the local and national economy.

For his part, the researcher Saddam Al-Adwar reviewed the policy paper on the real estate crisis in the Ma’rib governorate (causes, effects, and solutions), which was prepared by the Center, with the aim of addressing the problem of high rents and real estate prices in the governorate.  The paper included an analysis of the problems and challenges facing the real estate sector in the governorate and proposals for practical solutions to address them.

In the Seminar, which was attended by the Director of the Industry and Trade Office, Yasser Al-Hashidi, the Director of the Tourism Office, Yasser Al-Aghbari, the representative of the Office of Works and Displaced Persons and a number of civil society activists, the participants discussed the analysis of the problems and proposals for solutions contained in the policy paper.

The Seminar came out with a set of proposals and recommendations that would develop the ideas and proposals contained in the paper that would find a radical solution to the real estate problem and contribute to creating a comprehensive development that would achieve the aspirations of the private sector and citizens alike in the Marib Governorate, which is witnessing a significant increase in the population due to the large displacement there because of the war that has been going on for eight years.

It is noteworthy that the Studies & Economic Media Center is a civil society organization working for a successful and transparent Yemeni economy by promoting awareness of economic and development issues, transparency and good governance, and creating professional media.

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