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Private sector Proposes Solution to Power Cut in Taiz

The leadership of the local authority in the governorate of Taiz is willing to benefit from the general policy paper including proposals to solve the power cut in the Taiz governorate, which was presented by the Partnership and Local Development Team of the Economic Reforms Team.
In the meeting, attended by the First Undersecretary of Taiz Governorate, Dr. Abdul Qawi Al-Mikhlafi, and the Director of the Planning Office in the governorate, Nabil Jamel, Taiz's power situation was discussed, which has been suffering from the cut since the start of the war.
Al-Mikhlafi paid tribute to the policy paper, which presented an analysis and proposed solutions to the power problem in Taiz. He appreciated the efforts made by the Studies & Economic Media Center and the Economic Reforms team, in activating the role of the economic media in the governorate and contributing to developing visions and solutions to address the economic challenges of Taiz.
The Deputy Governor stressed that the local authority in the governorate will pay all attention to the proposals of the general policy paper, and will work on developing them to come up with successful solutions and plans to end the power cut in the governorate.
For his part, the member of the Partnership and Development Team in Taiz, Abd EIlah Sallam, stressed the importance of moving forward in implementing the proposed solutions presented in the general policy for power cut, which is one of the priorities discussed by the Partnership and Local Development Team. During the last period, the team had conducted in-depth discussions to develop a future vision for Taiz in economic aspects.
For his part, the CEO of Studies & Economic Media Center, Mohammed Ismail, appreciated the local authority’s response to the demands of the private sector and those concerned with economic and services affairs, considering the finding of a mechanism to resolve the power cut is a practical step towards solving many daily problems that the private sector and citizens in general suffer from.
At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that a second meeting should be held, in which the local authority, the Office of Electricity, Finance and Planning, representatives of the private sector and the Partnership and Development Team meet in order to discuss in depth the proposed solutions in the general policy paper and to come up with final proposed solutions for power cut in Taiz governorate.

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