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A private sector meeting was held in Taiz to discuss the sector’s vision in the continuity of economic activity and rebuilding in Yemen

The participants in the consultative meeting announced the formation of a joint coordination committee between the local authority, NGOs and the private sector in Taiz to enhance coordination and communication between the society components, thus enhancing the development in the province.

The announcement comes at the end of the consultative meeting to discuss the private sector's vision on business continuity and reconstruction, organized by the Studies & Economic Media Center in collaboration with the Economic Reform Team in Turba city in Taiz, on Saturday morning.

The meeting aimed to discuss the challenges faced by the private sector and the opportunity to overcome them in order to restore and enhance business in the city.

The Executive Director of Studies & Economic Media Center, Mohammad Ismail said during the opening that this meeting is held within a series of meetings targeting the governorates of Sana'a, Aden, Hadhramout and Hodeidah and aiming to come out with the Yemeni private sector's vision on business continuity and reconstruction.

Ismail added that Turbah city was selected to embrace this consultative meeting because of its commercial importance and its stability to be used in playing a leading economic role in the area and in Taiz governorate in general.

Fahmi Al-Masni, Director of the Community Participation Department at Al-Shamaiten directorate, welcomed the participants and talked about the directorate's role in the reception of approximately 24,000 displaced persons in coordination with international organizations, pointing out that the directorate looks forward to a promising future and asserting that this meeting is a gleam of hope towards developing the region in partnership with local authority and private sector.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mohammed Ismail reviewed the private sector's vision on business continuity and reconstruction. The vision included five main objectives for the stages of war and reconstruction. The vision of the current stage includes improving the humanitarian conditions of the most affected groups in society, supporting war-affected projects and encouraging small and medium enterprises. The reconstruction stage includes objectives of improving the business environment for the business continuity and expanding the role of the private sector in reconstruction and development.

The vision included specific policies and programs aimed at sustaining economic activity and rebuilding the war devastation in Yemen.

The participants emphasized the need for a security environment and the necessity of activating the state's institutions, especially the prosecution and courts. They also pointed to the need for the required integration between the public and private sectors and the need to work on building trust between citizens, the private and public sectors through the ownership awareness that will be reflected in comprehensive development protected and maintained by everyone.

Participants in the meeting focused on the importance of care for small and medium enterprises which constitute a large percentage of business in Turbah city and Taiz in general.

At the conclusion of the consultative meeting, a joint committee was formed between the private sector, civil society and economic experts to work on strengthening coordination and communication between the society components, thus enhancing the development in the governorate

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