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SEMC, Aden chamber of commerce hold consultative meeting on future business challenges in Aden

SEMC, Aden chamber of commerce hold consultative meeting on future business challenges in Aden ‏The Economic Reform Team together with Aden’s chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC) held a consultative meeting under the motto “The Private Sector : The Challenges and Priorities of the Phase”. ‏Business leaders and representatives of civil society, international organizations and government agencies. ‏Mohammed Isamil, the executive director of SEMC, said the meeting constitued a significant opportunity for the private sector to take practical steps towards driving the Yemeni economy by identifying challenges and setting priorities for the forthcoming stage and forging an effective partnership with relevant government institutions. ‏For his part, Abu Bakr Ba Abad, head of Aden chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the current situation doesn’t help turn the economy around, stressing the importance of taking serious procedures to reform current laws on equal partnership with the private sector. ‏He hinted at the flight abroad of Yemeni capital, affirming that the Yemeni economy will be at high risk as Yemeni businessmen are staying abroad. ‏Ali Al-Habashi, an economist and member of the economic reform team, welcomed the attendees, confirming that the meeting comes in a series of meetings, the first of which held in Hadramout, which were intended for economic recovery. ‏He urged the government to act responsibly by boosting its presence on the ground and laying out an emergency plan that should be largely financed in such a way as to put an end to the deterioration of the economic situation. ‏Other participants stressed the importance of foeging real partnership between the government and the private sector, revitalizing the centra bank, and enabling the private sector to invest heavily in building infrastructure. ‏They debated the challenges facing the private sector in Aden, including poor security and judiciary, government monopoly on services and liquidity crisis. ‏The participants, in conclusion, agreed to submit a list of the private sector’s demands to the concerned authorities, and to hold bilateral meetings with leaders of relevant institutions.

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