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Proposals for Developing Investment Climate in Aden Governorate

May - 07 - 2024   Download The Version

The Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC) presented proposals and recommendations for the development of the investment environment in Aden governorate through the publication "Analysis of the investment climate and investment opportunities in Aden governorate", which aims to identify investment opportunities in Aden governorate, difficulties facing investors and provide solutions and recommendations for the development of the investment environment in the governorate.

The publication revealed the most important investment opportunities in Aden, notably investing in young and innovative ideas, where Aden has a wealth of creative and innovative young people who possess ambitious ideas that can contribute to the economic and social development of the city, as well as investment in infrastructure where Aden lacks a sophisticated infrastructure, which represents a great investment opportunity.

Aden also has distinctive tourist features, such as historic monuments and beautiful beaches, making it an ideal destination to invest in tourism, and Aden has great potential to invest in renewable energy, such as solar and wind energy.

The Bulletin highlighted the most significant challenges facing investment in Aden, such as weak security stability, the absence of a political solution, weak commercial justice and worsening economic conditions.

The Bulletin provided a set of solutions and recommendations aimed at creating an attractive investment environment in Aden and encouraging domestic and foreign investment and sustainable economic development in the governorate, most notably the declaration of the entire governorate of Aden as a free zone.

And development of encouraging and polarizing investment laws and activation of the single window system to facilitate procedures for establishing investment projects and provide financial and tax incentives to companies and investors, improve the security situation and unify the multiple security agencies within the framework of one efficient and impartial security apparatus and coordinate with businessmen and investors to overcome all difficulties for them investment procedures in the banking sector in order to finance investment projects and provide loans to entrepreneurs, especially small and medium enterprises.