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An initiative to unify the monetary policies to diminish the impact of division

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Verily, the eight-year long war in Yemen has caused major disruptions in all aspects of life. The economic aspect primarily has had the major share; whereas public institutions and revenues have been divided amongst the parties of conflict. Economy is, unfortunately, used as a tool in the conflict and as a result it has affected the livelihood of people. Indeed, it is of a tremendous impact on the livelihood standards of people and their severed income sources such as the salaries and wages in the government sectors upon which 31% of the employees in the county rely. This has affected the worst humanitarian crisis worldwide.            

This initiative is an attempt to diagnose the real problem and describe the economic crisis. The initiative offers practical proposal solutions that contribute to forming commonly agreed points between the two parties for the sake of the public interest.

It is an attempt built on a study and identification of the real dilemma and contentious points. All parties and economy-interested groups can work together to alleviate disagreements to stabilize the economic and banking activity and to improve the livelihood of people in all governorates without distinction.    

The current initiative was launched for sheer humanitarian reasons, the aim of which is to reduce the consequences that have affected the society at the economic and humanitarian level if the status quo continues.